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A fiction writer and mum to three great kids, also lucky enough to be married to the man of my dreams. In spite of that mushy comment I do not write flowery romance - I like a nice helping of real life grit in my work. I have a Diploma in Literature & Creative Writing from The Open University and remain a member of the wonderful Watford Writers, despite moving on several times. I am a big fan of Swanwick Writers Summer School which has taught me a great deal and where I have made many great friends. I have yet to reach the dizzy heights of becoming a published superstar but will continue to send my work out into the world.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Bye Bye

Hi Guys

As you can tell I have been away a long time.  A lot of things have happened during my absence but becoming an overnight success hasn't been one of them.  I appreciate all the visits and comments I have received over the time this blog has been going but its now time for me to close up and bid you bye bye.

Again I thank you for your company and wish you all well in your own personal  life paths.

Monday, 19 October 2015

'Little Gems' (And...It's Done)

Well, it's out there, floating around in cyber space hoping to be downloaded to any kindle device willing to give it space.

The collection of short stories I have been working on has eventually been uploaded to Amazon Kindle. I am so excited. To date it has been downloaded 7 times.  Its not about the money its about getting my work out there, people I don't know and will probably never meet reading my stories.  Its such a good feeling, for me, a real achievement.

What's next? NanoWriMo. For some reason unbeknown to even me, I have opted to complete this crazy challenge again.  Back in 2013 it was both the best and worst month of the year. A complete novel in 30 days, yes its possible but not easy.  If you're up for a challenge give it a go.

And don't forget my collection of short stories 'Little Gems' is available on Kindle right this minute.

Monday, 14 September 2015

School Holiday Over

Hi - yes the school's are back at last !!
Normality can now resume, which for me means getting my short story collection ready for publication on Kindle.  At last, the end is in sight.  There really is light at the end of the tunnel. For those of you unaware of my little project, its a collection of  my favourite 10 short stories to be unleashed into the world of electronic publishing, Amazon Kindle to be exact.  A sample of my work to share with short fiction lovers, to keep them company on the train, bus or at coffee/tea breaks.  We all like a break from the day to day trudge, don't we?
As soon as I've opened the door to the cage you'll be the first to know and who knows maybe you might even buy a copy.  Fingers crossed and watch this space.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Writing Groups

You know, Essex is a big place.  But can I find a writer's group even remotely local? No I cannot and its driving me mad. The group I did belong to have decided to remove me from their members list as my attendance is sporadic. Fair? No, I don't think so. It was on the tip of my tongue to tell them that its quite difficult to drive with one hand when you have a shoulder injury, but then what's the point? They've made their decision and I can't be bothered to argue about it and I'm certain;y not going to beg!  Anyway the point of this post is that in such a vibrant county as Essex the lack of writers groups is astonishing, if I widen the search any more I'll be in Kent!

Ho-hum these things are sent to try us.  Wish me luck with my search and believe me if I find a group I'll let you know.

Monday, 3 August 2015

A Change Is As Good As A Rest


I've just returned from Fishguard Writers Holiday and wanted to tell you what a fabulous time I had there.  As you may remember the last four years I have attended Swanwick Writers Summer School but this year I wanted a change.  Anyway, back to Fishguard (which by the way took me 6 hours to drive to from Essex). The tuition there was brilliant.  You choose 2 courses for the week, so for Tuesday/Wed you do your first course and only the first course.  Thursday/Friday you do the second course.  The good thing about this set up is that the tuition is continuous and not interrupted by anything else.  Of course there a mini workshops after tea but nothing that will distract from the days learning.  It makes such a difference, whatever you are learning goes in and stays in clever and constructive way to open ones mind.

The people were friendly, I had a lovely room (with a TV), the food was good and plentiful, so all in all I had a great time and have returned refreshed and ready to go.  Once my short story collection is uploaded onto kindle I will be concentrating all my efforts into novels.  It really is about time but I get so tempted by the short story comps - well not from now on!

Finally, I'd like to thank Ann and Gerry Hobbs for arranging such a great holiday particularly Ann who made me laugh everyday.  Brilliant hosts.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Nearly There...

Hi Guys - now for those of you who remember me talking about a collection of short stories I was planning to publish on kindle, well I'm almost there.  My collection should be complete and ready to go by the weekend.

Am I complacent about it? No, I'm scared stiff.  But on the other hand who is to say that at least a few copies will sell and that's a few more copies than will sell if I don't get my work out there.  Yeah, I know I'm babbling now but honestly I can't decide whether I'm a little excited too.  Ok I am excited, a little bit.  I suppose even great authors must have felt as I feel right now.  What's that book called? Oh yeah 'Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway' - good advice (but still scary).

Monday, 27 April 2015

Shoulder Injuries and Netflix

Hi All - Yes I know I've been gone a long time again.  But now I'm back.  The reason for my long absence is due to a shoulder injury which had me almost passing out in pain.  Obviously it was impossible for me to write, type or even dress myself (too much detail?).

So, other than feeling sorry for myself whilst being laid up I struck up an intimate relationship with Netflix.  She's been good to me and kept me from climbing the walls, yes one handed, and crying into my tea. Against my better judgement I allowed my daughter to introduce me to 'Pretty Little Liars' and Oh dear, I am hooked.  Its supposed to be a 12 but I'm not sure it should be as it contains murder, blackmail, theft, hit and run, kidnap and oh so many lies.  Its not so much as a 'who dunnit' but 'who is it'.  There are five seasons, of which I have watched twice and still cannot work it out.  Give it a go if you have the spare hour here or there.

But today I am back on track and almost done with my collection of short stories which will soon be available on kindle.  I just thought I'd pop by and touch base with you and to say, although I'm not always around you guys are never far from my thoughts.