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A fiction writer and mum to three great kids, also lucky enough to be married to the man of my dreams. In spite of that mushy comment I do not write flowery romance - I like a nice helping of real life grit in my work. I have a Diploma in Literature & Creative Writing from The Open University and remain a member of the wonderful Watford Writers, despite moving on several times. I am a big fan of Swanwick Writers Summer School which has taught me a great deal and where I have made many great friends. I have yet to reach the dizzy heights of becoming a published superstar but will continue to send my work out into the world.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Bye Bye

Hi Guys

As you can tell I have been away a long time.  A lot of things have happened during my absence but becoming an overnight success hasn't been one of them.  I appreciate all the visits and comments I have received over the time this blog has been going but its now time for me to close up and bid you bye bye.

Again I thank you for your company and wish you all well in your own personal  life paths.

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